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I found an interest in video around 2015. I think it’s a great medium (although it will never top my favourite, photography), as you get to really control how your viewer sees your art - through sound, visuals, text, silence, spacing, and so much more.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), majority of my videos have been parodies of sorts. I enjoy the irony of mixing high-quality visuals with poor quality narrations.

Any video with narration, is narrated by me. Yes, I am taking requests for voice-acting.

UNIHACK Melbourne T-Rob Hack To Save A Life

So in 2015, Rayen and I did our first hackathon (GovHack 2015) together. Because we had seasoned software engineers and data scientists in the team, we focused on making a video (which ended up winning us our only prize anyway).

In recognition of this, we decided to make a video during UNIHACK 2016 (our first year as organisers). Rayen wrote some lyrics as a parody of How To Save A Life - which I must make a disclaimer, is a tragic song and mental health should never be made fun of, it just happened to be the instrumental we used. We never finished the video, but for UNIHACK’s 5th year anniversary, I decided to revive the lost project.

I’ve added a few lines to the beginning of the song and have gone for a - as I told Josh - purposefully off-key sound.

Some parts were shot on a Oneplus 3t or Nikon Keymission 360 by me, whereas a bulk of the video was taken by Daniel Sykes-Turner on his iPhone X.

  • Video: Daniel Sykes-Turner, Sophia Huynh

  • Song: The Fray, How to save a life

  • Lyrics: Rayen Magpantay, Sophia Huynh

  • Singer: Josh Nelsson-Smith

  • Instrumentals: Cindy lee MZ, Nathaniel M

UNIHACK Melbourne Promo

This is possibly the only serious video I have ever made. We are expanding our Marketing in UNIHACK to short videos on social media, and this is the first of 2018.

Some parts were shot on a Sony a7ii by me, and other parts were taken by other team members (Dan and Felix). Graphics were put together by Ben.

GovHack 2017

I came into this hackathon as a last minute addition to the team, with one sole purpose - make a video in 5 hours. SaferRoads was a heatmap that would show dangerous roads based on the weather and road fatality data. The AR app at 0:56 is 100% serious, and not for fun. “Hot and new technologies, such as Kotlin”, also 100% not a joke.

Parts were shot on a Sony a7ii, and other parts is stock footage.

Google Student Ambassador Program

When applying for the program, we were asked to make videos either describing how we were Googley or to make an ‘ad’ for joining the program. I opted for the latter. This was also made with footage from travelling, with some filmed specifically for this video in Melbourne, Australia and Songdo/Seoul, South Korea.

This was shot on a Sony a7ii.

Be the change

This was a video made for the Global Discovery Program, with the theme “Change the world”. The words mean nothing in particular, but was made with the purpose of being ‘generally inspirational’ (lol). It was made with various footage I have taken whilst travelling. I must emphasise that the narration has no meaning. Like, absolutely no meaning.

This was shot on a Sony a7ii.

The Global Discovery Program

Yes, this is the same program I made the previous video for. Yes, this is a really terrible video. Yes, I am 100% a little salty for not making it through that year.

This video was edited on a premium software that limited the ability to export videos, so I turned on my screen recorder, and played the video in the video editor.

And lo and behold, quality output.


This was an April Fools joke, with buzzwords galore. UNIHACK is a technical hackathon for teritiary students, run by students. We launched UNIHACK Mini aimed at first year students with no prior hackathon or software development experience. UNIHACK Maxi was a parody in response to Mini.

This was shot on a Sony a7ii. The song, Warhammer, is made by Purple Planet Music.

That is indeed me narrating.

Monash Photography Club

This was the first video I ever made! It was a summary video displayed at the Annual General Meeting for the Monash Photography Club in 2015.

This was shot on a Canon 5D, and a Oneplus One.

These are videos I helped on, but did not edit.

GovHack 2015

This was my first hackathon. I was not confident enough to write any code, and worked on the video instead.