Is tech for me?

Do you enjoy problem solving? Do you wonder whether hacking is a real job? Here is a list of jobs in the tech industry

Quality Assurance

Software Engineer

A computer science or software engineering degree would serve you best.

Business Information Systems

A business focused IT degree would fit you best.

Data Science


A cyber security major may help.

User Experience

This blog post is great to see the differences between roles in UX.

There is no clear major for UX/UI at Monash, but I suggest you seek to learn how apps/websites are made (not necessarily learn how to do it, but just the components that go into it.). Be sure to do the Usability subject and build up a portfolio for job seeking.


I suggest getting involved in Clubs and Societies for low risk business practice, the Entrepreneurship subject also has some useful learnings, you may want to research in Marketing and get some technical knowledge. This is also a useful guide.