Graphic Design

Physical products

These are various physical material printed with my designs. On the top right are stamp cards I made for the Monash Photography Club in 2014. In the middle are shirts I made for UNIHACK 2016. You will find placards and certificates from the Monash University Model UN 2015, and the Victorian Model United Nations Conference 2016.


| Photoshop

Monash Sport Catalogue

These photos were taken at Monash University Caulfield Campus. This was in 2015, to refresh the existing Sport Guide, and posters around the sporting facilities on campus. You can find these images now up around the gym at Monash University, and also in their digital Sports Guide.


| Sony a7ii, 55mm

VicMUN 2016

The first image was a banner I made with the aim to create a down-to-earth feeling for the 2016 VicMUN branding. During VicMUN, we had a spare phone we used purely for in-event organising, it was a 2MP Sony w810 phone. I decided why not create a challenge of also covering the conference on top of my other photos? And that is what you see below.


| Photoshop, Sony w810

Twenty Thirty Concept

When Twenty Thirty was still in the conceptual stage, I made some concept art to go with the theme of 'creating something for the greater good'.


| Wacom Tablet, Photoshop

Global Schools Program Concept

I made an iOS game to go along with the concept of the Global Schools Program. It's still a work in progress, but you can see the early concepts of the brand here. Along side it, is the first iteration of the Global Schools website.


| Xcode, Swift, GIMP