Facilitate a department split in a nonprofit

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A dysfunctional team was affecting a lot of teams in the organisation. As a result. specific responsibilities were cut out of this team, and were inherited by my team. The responsibilities of this team were highly intertwined, and many stakeholders would have been affected by the split. We had to ensure stakeholders were well informed and did not feel like these were changes they had no say in, given a history of these individuals feeling disempowered.


  • I spearheaded the planning of how the split and transition would happen
  • Managing discussions between the decision makers and the immediate team members that were affected
  • Created the communications strategy, and coordinated the dissemination of information - ensuring the right amount of info to the right stakeholders
  • Provided space for affected individuals to still provide input in the changes, so that we would be taking the change journey together and not simply imposing change”