Immersive Learning Tech Strategy for utilities company

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I led the technology track of a technology strategy engagement with a utilities client - allowing the client to better understand what immersive technologies (i.e. AR, VR, MR) they could use to better improve the training and compliance of their line workers.


A utilities company has over 2000 employees that work in highly specialised and compliance heavy work. They are required to put safety first and also have a number of trainings that are regulated by a third party. Our client was considering using immersive learning technologies to better improve the retention and access to important knowledge. However they lacked the expertise to understand how they could assess the suitability of this technology.



[[project]] img1 = “" keytheme = “Technology Strategy” title = “Immersive Learning Technology Strategy for a leading utilities company” caption = “How can we use tech such as AR/VR to better the learning experience?” date = “3rd October 2019” blurb = “Creating a tech strategy for a utilities company so they could assess the suitability of using extended reality for training employees.” link = “/case-studies/43751/immersive-technology-strategy-for-leading-australian-utilities-company/” draft = true