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I served as the President of the Monash Photography Club in 2015, and spent my time focusing on how I could improve our functions and improve member turnout.


Team was disorganised, with lack of structure. No clear direction or vision of where the organisation was going. Key source of revenue struggling to retain customers.


Focused on member engagement, reintroduced popular program - overnight trips - but with a stronger internal focus of preparing early and testing interest to mitigate risk. Restructured and rebranded the organisation to increase legitmacy and clarify expectations.


  • Premium photography service picked up again
  • Empowered team contributions and decision making by making all informal positions recognised by the organisation’s constitution
  • Boost in member engagement by focusing on consistent and reliability - day/overnight trip schedule

The story

Users & Audience

users & Audience

Scope & Constraints

scope & Constraints

Process & Approach

Process and Approach

Restructured the organising committee to focus on long term planning, removing the existing casual volunteering structure, and implemented official positions that centre around activities and workshops, leading to greater attendance at events, and more frequent events. Restructured and rebranded the Photography services portfolio to provide a premium service, and successfully re- established the services’ standing on campus.