Embracing Agile Methodologies

Embracing Agile Methodologies

Agile is a project methodology that embraces uncertainty. Rather than starting a project with a specific and assumed ‘best’ product in mind, an Agile approach starts with a minimal viable product (MVP) and iteratively builds towards the ‘best’ product. There are two key components in this approach: to continuously integrate customer feedback, and to continuously test if the product/service works in the production environment.

The way this is done is through governance rituals, estimation protocols, and task prioritisation. It is characterised by constant and frequent communication, such as daily stand-ups that quickly capture a team’s day-to-day priorities/obstacles, and retrospectives – structured sessions for teams to reflect on their progress and ways of working.

Embracing constant reprioritisation and adjustments, allows us to create working prototypes that fit customers’ needs.

How agile delivers better customer outcomes Evolving consumer behaviours have led to a rising focus on customer-centric disciplines, such as user experience, customer experience, and service design. In order to truly be ‘customer-centric’ in product development (that being, to design for the customer, with the customer in mind), customer validation is an imperative. The reality is that we do not know our customers as well as we think we do. Yes, we should design products that we ourselves would use, but we also need to recognise that our needs and challenges do not reflect the needs and challenges of all our customers. This is why the constant realignment and readjustment that Agile methodologies encourage, suit customer-centric projects so well.

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